Does Finding The Right Relationship Feel Impossible? Here’s How To Get Off The Dating Treadmill – For Good

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By Katie & Gay Hendricks

Looking for the right partner to spend your life with can sometimes feel like trying to climb an insurmountable mountain.

You get your hopes up and go on dates, thinking this could finally be “it,” only to go home at the end of the night feeling deflated.

Or, you finally get a relationship going with someone, investing months and even years with them, only to have the whole thing collapse on you.

You feel like you take one step forward and three steps back.

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You know exactly what you want: to feel like you’ve finally found the person who gets you and whom you can build a life with.

But after so much wishing and trying, it seems like such a long, long way from right now. Sometimes, it practically feels impossible – like the mythological character Sisyphus who was condemned to forever roll a boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down.

We get it. And we’re here to tell you that there’s a way to turn that arduous, seemingly impossible mountain climb into a virtual highway to lasting love.

The Key To Your Big Breakthrough In Love

After working with thousands of singles, we know that the biggest barrier between you and the love you want… is an unloved part of yourself.

As long as you keep shunning, criticizing, judging, and hating parts of yourself, you will project those unloved parts onto others. You will stay stuck in a vicious pattern of attracting unhealthy partners who need saving. In short, you will attract people who are hurting and who are unable to love you or anyone else.

Or, if you actually do meet a stable partner who is capable of a healthy relationship, you will reject his or her love. You will feel unworthy of them because you have not fully loved yourself first.

But, once you get clear on the parts of yourself you’ve rejected – and you embrace all of you – magic happens, and it happens quickly. Because once you have that unconditional love for yourself, you will no longer put yourself in unhealthy situations.

All it takes is a conscious commitment and the guidance to shift the unconscious programming that has kept you stuck climbing that endless mountain.

The Light Bulb Moment That Changed My Life

Self love is not optional when it comes to finding your Soul Mate; it’s not something you can afford to skip over.

To show you what we mean, we want to share how the experience of self love was THE turning point for Gay – helping him to finally stop the cycle of disappointing romantic relationships.

If you’re tired of attracting the wrong partner – or of being alone – you’ll see why this may just be the missing link you’ve been looking for.

Gay writes:

Before I met Katie I always struggled in love. In fact, I thought I was missing some kind of “love gene” – dooming me to a loveless existence.

I was a magnet for unhealthy relationships, picking people who needed a lot of help. Paranoid people, people with low self esteem, addicts – I seemed to attract all of them.

I got stuck trying to fix these people. I’d pour all my time and energy into trying to “save” them. Meanwhile, I just got more frustrated and felt more hopeless. Why couldn’t I attract someone stable for once?!

This went on for a few years until, in a moment of despair, something clicked.

I realized that the one who needed a lot of help was ME.

Namely, I was extremely critical about parts of myself. I had a weight problem since childhood, and I hated it. In fact, there were all sorts of things about my life I wished I could run away from. So, it was no wonder that I chose partners who needed a lot of saving – it was a convenient way for me to not face my own demons. As long as I was focused on their issues, I didn’t have to pay attention to the ones I judged in myself.

As soon as I realized all this, sadness and anger washed over me. And, for the first time, I let them. I allowed myself to feel all the feelings I had repressed since childhood.

But here was the magic moment: For the first time, I also embraced all the parts of myself I had rejected for so long.

Make The Shift That Effortlessly Draws Your Partner To You

Once Gay had his light bulb moment, and learned to truly love himself, he met Katie a month later. That’s how powerful self love can be.

And it was because of self love that he was able to keep the relationship going. “Had it not been for my experience of self love,” says Gay, “We would have been over in a month or two.”

Couple on Beach

Learning how to love yourself is the single most powerful thing you can do to transform your relationships and your life. Once you’ve learned how to love yourself, your luck starts to change – except it’s not a lucky break at all. By loving all of yourself, YOU’VE set in motion a domino effect that positively affects everything you do.

And in case you hadn’t guessed it, this kind of inner confidence is absolutely infectious and attractive.

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Just like the story of Sisyphus, the “love gene” is a myth. The only one who can doom you to a life of unreachable love is yourself – IF you don’t love all of you.

We’ve seen thousands of singles completely change the trajectory of their relationships once they’ve truly embraced this principle and themselves. And we know that with the techniques in our programs you’ll find yourself high on love, holding your partner, and telling your own story of “impossible” love, found.

Transform Your Loneliness, Pain and Heartbreak into Genuine Love

  • One word that stops a fight in its tracks
  • How we accidentally push love away, even when we are trying to get closer
  • Why your relationships keep failing… and problems keep repeating
  • Two signs that you are secretly afraid of love

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