Forget Calories, Special Diets and “Magic” Ways To Lose Weight.

The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss Starts With You Learning Something Important About Your INNER World

How Gay lost 120 pounds and has kept it off for more than 40 years… without exercise or a special diet:

For the first 25 years of my life, I was fat and unhealthy.

At one point, at the age of 25, I weighed 320 pounds and smoked 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes a day!

Granted, I wasn’t fat because I didn’t know what healthy eating looked like. I could tell you the exact calorie counts of almost all types of foods and I knew exactly what the human body needed in terms of nutrients and protein.

Yes, I was well-read and educated in what it took to lose weight. I had all sorts of theories and personal strategies about what to do to slim down, some of which worked for a short while, some of which didn’t work at all.

I didn’t like being fat and I always knew, in the back of my mind, that I had to do something about it.

And yet, despite how much I thought about it and everything I tried, I kept steadily gaining weight.

Then one day, while I was walking alone on a snowy road in the New England town where I lived, something happened to change all that.

I slipped and fell on an icy patch, hit my head, and got knocked out!

I wasn’t knocked unconscious – rather, I was knocked out of my old way of thinking. I entered an altered state of consciousness.

Up until then, I was in the dark about why I was overweight.

For the first time I was MORE conscious than ever. I was enlightened.

As I lay there flat on my back, staring up at the winter sky, a well of emotions surged within me. It was as if I was looking down at myself and seeing myself clearly for the first time.

This moment of clarity that came as a result of this physical jolt changed everything for me.

It was at that point that the course of my entire life took a wild turn.

It was as if a light had been turned on. I suddenly realized WHY I was fat and unhealthy!

And for the first time ever, I knew exactly what I needed to do about it.

The Epiphany That Led Me to Losing More Than 100 Pounds Over the Course of a Year

Until that day on that snowy road, I blamed everyone and everything for being fat.

I blamed my lack of willpower.

I blamed the constant temptation of high-calorie junk foods.

I blamed my character for not being able to say “no” to unhealthy habits, or not being able to stick to a diet and exercise plan.

I blamed a job I hated and a bad relationship for my lack of motivation. I told myself that if only I had more support, and wasn’t so stressed all the time, I’d have more time to focus on my health.

I blamed God, fate and genetics. My father was fat, so I must have inherited my body from him.

In the act of putting the blame outside of myself, I had sealed my fate. I could never face the truth of what was REALLY going on inside of me. And therefore, I could never solve my weight problem.

Laying on my back on that icy road, my epiphany was this:

There was something that I needed to face about myself and my life, and until I could do that, I would always remain fat!

The reason I was fat and unhealthy had nothing to do with outside circumstances. Therefore, the solution to my problem lay within myself.

Your Weight Is Telling You Something Isn’t Working Right In Your Life

I won’t say that losing 100 pounds over the course of the following year was easy. But it was a simple process born of a radical idea:

You must transcend your regular programming and find the creative essence at the core of who you are. Unless you do, you will forever feel “hungry” or empty in some way, and you will always find ways to fill that hunger with food and other unhealthy habits.

Once I got to the root of who I was, and why I was actually keeping myself fat, I was able to make healthier choices every day.

I no longer felt the need to eat more than I needed to, or eat to feed the emptiness within.And the pounds started to come off.

This process I discovered had other benefits to my well-being. I also quit smoking, ended the difficult and unsatisfactory relationship and began doing more of the work I loved.

I met the love of my life, Katie, and got married. My career took off a decade after that.

In effect, there were a host of other things that weren’t working in my life, not just my weight, and they all stemmed from the same exact place: my inability to face what I needed to face about myself.

“I Know What I Have To Do To Lose Weight, So Why Can’t I Do It?”

I told my story of weight loss in workshops and seminars, and people with weight issues were intrigued. They wanted me to help them with their life-long weight struggles the same way I helped myself.

I would hear similar stories to mine, of people who:

  • Tried various diet and exercise programs
  • Hired nutritionists, talked to doctors, read the newest diet books
  • Counted calories
  • Joined popular weight loss programs

…and were STILL struggling to lose weight and keep it off.

One man told me that he had lost (and regained) about 3,000 pounds on different diets throughout his life.

The most common complaint I would hear from those struggling with their weight was that they knew what they HAD to do, they just couldn’t do it for some reason.

Have you gone on a diet and then gained all the weight back, and then some?

Have you told yourself you’d try to eat healthier but succumb to temptation at every turn, and then feel horrible afterward?

If so, and if you’ve spent a lifetime trying and failing to manage your weight and well-being, then the reason you’re still fat has little to do with willpower or the right diet.

It has everything to do with what your body and spirit is trying to tell you about your life.

The 4 Secrets to Permanent
Weight Loss and Overall Well-being

The work I did with individuals and groups led me to discovering that if you have “tried everything” to lose weight without success, there are 4 steps, or secrets, to achieving permanent weight loss:

1. Your extra weight is your spirit trying to get your attention about something you need to face about yourself.

Your extra weight is a subconscious reminder. It’s a reminder of something about your past or a truth about yourself that you’re not willing to admit. Until you face that truth, you’ll continue to struggle with addictive eating patterns.

2. You must uncover the subconscious commitments you’ve been making and make new, conscious commitments in order to bring your spirit into your life and lose weight. Only then will you become truly enlightened – in body and mind.

If someone came up to me when I was 25 and told me that I was obviously committed to being fat, I would have been offended. Obviously I was committed to being slender because I was so focused on getting there. However, my results told a different story.

Your results tell your story. If you’re still overweight and unhealthy, it’s because you’ve made certain subconscious commitments to being that way, and you must uncover those commitments before you can hope to have different results.

3. There are several specific techniques, each quick and natural, that can make your journey of weight loss much more easeful.

No, this is not calorie counting or portion control or restricting certain foods. It’s not an exercise program, either. These are techniques that get to the bottom of hidden emotions and long-withheld truths to help you get in touch with your natural state of well-being.

4. You must learn to love the unlovable within yourself.

Being overweight is a sign that there’s something you don’t love about yourself. Although you may not have had any control over the circumstances that led you to not love that part of yourself, you do have control over being able to love and accept it now. This is a crucial step in the journey to complete well-being.

Once you’re able to complete these 4 steps, you will naturally start to make better and healthier choices. It won’t be easy – it wasn’t for me – but I can tell you that once you embrace the process, it will feel simpler than any diet or exercise plan you’ve ever tried.

Introducing Enlightened Weight Loss:

A Video Program That Will Show You How To Lose Weight Without Special Diets or Exercise and Keep It Off For the Rest of Your Life

When those who had been suffering and struggling with being overweight and unhealthy came to me for advice, I led them on a journey that was unlike any they’d ever taken before when it came to altering their nutritional habits.

I didn’t tell them what to eat, or how to exercise. I knew that the core of their struggle was not what they were or weren’t eating, it was an inability to love some part of themselves – and I’m not talking about their thighs or bellies.

I’m talking about being able to love who you are, deep inside. I’m talking about being able to love that part of you that feels shame, longing, regret, and sadness.

I’m talking about loving that part of yourself that you don’t want to FEEL.

If you don’t love yourself, you’ll not only make unhealthy choices in the way you treat your body, but you’ll likely also make unwise choices in other areas of your life.

You may stay in a toxic relationship too long.

Work at a job you hate.

Put up with bad behavior from partners, co-workers, bosses, parents or children.

These are all symptoms of the same exact core problem: Your inability to love and accept some part of yourself.

And it’s why my unique solution was not only successful in helping clients lose weight, but it helped improve ALL aspects of their life.

The secrets and techniques that I shared with clients one-on-one in private practice for two decades were so successful that I wanted to put them all into one comprehensive program that anyone could access and benefit from.

Therefore, I created a video program where I speak to you directly about my personal journey with weight loss, what I discovered about the spiritual and psychological reasons behind unhealthy habits, and what you can do, starting today, to get back on the road to more vibrant health.

When you discover and understand the real reason behind your weight problem, you’ll finally get why everything you’ve tried up until now to lose weight has not led to permanent success.

With the techniques I share in Enlightened Weight Loss, you’ll be able to get in touch with your creative essence and finally intuit exactly what your body needs at any moment, so that overeating or indulging in unhealthy habits is no longer a problem.

You’ll make choices that are more spiritually and physically nourishing, bite by bite, moment by moment.

You’ll no longer be held hostage by unconscious habits, overeating out of some deep-seated emotional impulse. You’ll be able to be fully present to what you need as you sit down to a meal, both literally in the sense of what sort of food will most satisfy your physical needs, and in terms of what will feed your spirit.

You’ll see your life in a whole new way, and your life will be naturally transformed along with your well-being.

With Enlightened Weight Loss, you’ll have the chance to unpack what you’ve been stuffing down your entire life, and in the process of doing so, you’ll break free of the extra weight that has been keeping you from being truly free and joyful.

In this unique program, you’ll learn:
  • Why willpower, access to rich food, and character have NOTHING to do with how slender or fat you are, and the real reason why you’re still struggling with weight.
  • The 4 secrets behind natural and permanent weight loss that have nothing to do with fad diets or exercise plans, and explain WHY you’re still overweight despite years of worrying and dieting.
  • A special breathing technique that will allow you to access the inner resources that will help you lose weight once and for all.
  • How your focus on your weight is actually blocking you from experiencing success in your life and how to turn that around from day 1 (even BEFORE you lose your first pound).
  • The one thing you need to embrace in order to create your “true essence body” or the body that’s hiding underneath your extra weight.
  • Body clues that tell you that you’re not experiencing real hunger but a different sensation altogether – and what that sensation is trying to tell you.
  • The 4-step process for identifying and differentiating emotions, so that you can eliminate the very mechanism that’s causing cravings and overeating.
  • How to open up to spirit and connect with who you really are, so you can start experiencing more ease and success in every aspect of life, not just health.
  • 2 Magic Keys (or techniques) that you can use immediately to quickly and easily start to lose weight.
  • A 5-second technique that will help you lose weight without counting calories, carbs, or fat, without weighing portions, without timing meals and without exercising. It’s much, much simpler than any of that!
  • How to know whether a specific food is good for your body (without consulting a nutritionist).
  • How to uncover the unconscious reasons you’re still overweight, and then eliminate them so you can remove the barriers to weight loss.

This Program Includes:

  • Over 2 hours of video instruction by me on the root cause of your weight issue and the special spiritual techniques and exercises that will allow you to naturally make healthier choices and lose weight permanently.
  • A 35 page workbook that includes the exercises I've taught to countless individuals, in both private practice and in public workshops.
Part 1:  The Gift of Your Weight

Part 1: The Gift of Your Weight

  • How to lose weight and keep it off without fad diets or exercise plans
  • Why your extra weight can lead to your biggest personal breakthrough
Part 2: Shifting From The Inside Out

Part 2: Shifting From The Inside Out

  • Why you’re still overweight despite all your efforts (while other people seem to have no problem staying slim)
  • How to start losing weight by making a simple shift in your breathing
Part 3: The Weight Of Your Emotions

Part 3: The Weight Of Your Emotions

  • Why you’re getting more frustrated the harder you try to keep the pounds off
  • What’s really hiding underneath your extra weight – and how this insight unlocks the key to your slimmer body
Part 4: True Hunger Versus False Hunger

Part 4: True Hunger Versus False Hunger

  • What real hunger feels like – and how to keep your body from tricking you into eating more
  • The Two Magic Keys you can use anytime and anywhere to kickstart weight loss
Part 5: Feeding Your Spirit

Part 5: Feeding Your Spirit

  • My 5-second technique that will completely change how you think about food
  • How to become your own nutrition expert and intuitively know what foods are right for you
Part 6: Breaking Negative Patterns For Good

Part 6: Breaking Negative Patterns For Good

  • How to end the stubborn problems that are keeping you stuck in a battle with weight
  • How to spare your children the inheritance of weight issues and overeating
Part 7:  Your “Big Endeavor” Of Life

Part 7: Your “Big Endeavor” Of Life

  • The powerful perspective that will prevent you from losing weight only to put it back on
  • How to stop the bad cravings and experience a zest for life that feeds your soul and nourishes your healthy body

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Being Fat Is a Gift That Can Lead You On a Spiritual Journey of a Lifetime

Being fat was the best thing that ever happened to me. That may sound like a strange statement, because we are told by society that being fat is undesirable, unhealthy and a burden. It can be all those things, but it is also a gift.

It was a gift for me because it led me on a spiritual journey that uncovered things about myself I would not have otherwise faced or accepted. My struggle with weight brought me to a place of deep realization about living consciously with my spirit.

This led me to being awake for the first time in my life to who I was and what I needed to do in order to be in harmony with others and with myself.

My weight loss journey 40 years ago not only helped me permanently shed 120 pounds, but showed me the path to lasting happiness.

Your journey with your body and spirit can be your own sacred path to discovery, too.

Wherever you go and whatever you do with the ideas or experience I shared here, please know that I salute you for your courage from the bottom of my heart. May every moment of your journey be blessed in light and love. And may every step you take be lighter and lighter.

With love,

Signed by Gay Hendricks

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The Spiritual Solution To Permanent Weight Loss

2 hours of powerful video: tips, techniques and exercises

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Start Watching Enlightened Weight Loss Now – Risk-Free

The Spiritual Solution To Permanent Weight Loss

2 hours of powerful video: tips, techniques and exercises

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